About Me

Hi. I’m Adam.

I am a writer, a student, a musician, a web designer, a publisher, and the last best hope for his generation.

I’m in my senior year at Eastern Michigan University as an English major, double-minoring in History and Creative Writing. Though Creative Writing is my passion, I chose English as my major and History as my minor because they are teachable, should I choose to pursue an education degree down the line.

Looking to the future, I have applied to eleven MFA Programs for Creative Writing (Michigan, Ohio State, Purdue, Virginia Tech, Alabama, North Carolina State, University of North Carolina Greensboro, Bowling Green State, Houston, South Carolina, and Georgia College) and I will also be applying for the MA program at Eastern Michigan University. Prospects for jobs in higher education seem grim, but I am unwilling to accept that fact. Still, I try to keep up my marketability by continually trying to improve my web design / development skills.

I write fiction. I’m inspired by a number of writers and their outstanding qualities: Orwell, Steinbeck, O’Connor, Bradbury, Garcia Marquez, Foer, Saunders, Murakami, and more. Right now, my focus is on short stories. I like to work on realism and magical realism, but I do occasionally stray into science fiction and dystopian pieces. I hope to get into novels at some point, but I’d first like to feel like I have a firm grasp on the short form.

At the end of the day, my goal is to write and publish fiction and to teach writing, of some form, at the college level. I want to stay in the conversation, and I want to take part in shaping that conversation.

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